Partner with NimbusVoice
We'll disrupt the phone industry

Add the NimbusVoice hosted phone solution to your bag of tools. Your clients will be glad you did. With our generous commissions so will you.

Agent Program

Become a NimbusVoice agent to gain a flexible VOIP solution for your company. You manage the sales process but utilize NimbusVoice partner support and our delivery network. As an agent you make the sale, enter the order into our fulfillment system and leave the rest to us. You’ll receive commission payments based off of the monthly billed revenue of your clients. You can add hosted VOIP to your regular portfolio of other services. Join us and keep your business on step ahead in the game of cloud technology.

Partner Program

Businesses of all sizes are moving to hosted VOIP for their phone solutions. In fact, market research shows that by next year the VOIP industry will be a market worth over $69 billion. We’re looking for qualified technology professionals to become NimbusVoice partners. Like an agent, you make the sale and enter the order into our fullfillment system. But you’ll see the order through to completion providing all setup and support for your clients. You’ll see greater commissions as a partner and have the ability to perform value added installation services for your clients.

Why consider becoming a NimbusVoice agent or partner?

– NimbusVoice is hosted so it’s easy. You can have dial tone service set up for your client within about 10 minutes.

– It’s easy to sell, especially if you already work with business clients. Nearly all businesses need phone service. This is the service for them.

– Our success is your success. We’re fully committed to helping you succeed. We’ll train you and you have access to our partner support team for sales, setup, training and support.

– There’s no financial committment needed. We do ask that you take your business seriously and only apply if you plan to do so.

– Lucrative commissions and easy payment structures. You’ll earn monthly residual payment for the life of the account. The more accounts you bring on the more monthly residual payments you receive. As a partner you’ll also have the oportunity to provide your client with value added installation services.

Who should join us?

Anyone can apply but a partnership with NimbusVoice works best for those who already have many business contacts. This could be an individual IT consultant or freelancer. It could be a small IT consulting firm with one or two employees. Even larger IT firms that server large metropolitan markets work well with NimbusVoice. They already have the established relationships and can now add another revenue stream to their list. Existing analog phone service providers also enjoy partnering with NimbusVoice as they can instantly add hosted VOIP to their portfolio. If you’re not sure then go ahead and apply. One of our channel staff will reach out to you and discuss your options.